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Louis Vuitton New Collegtion: you’ll beg for these bags

The new collection presented by Louis Vuitton on March, 10th impresses with its highly feminine look and French touch. Long skirts with folds, leather and wool, tight waists ā€“ all these are the main elements of the new Fall/inter collection created by Marc Jacobs, a designer for Louis Vuitton. Many were surprised to see old France, after the extremely aggressive tribal motives in his S/Sā€™10 collection, but this is the nature of Marc Jacobs.
Yes, the new collection is a real masterpiece, but it is remarkable that a great deal of impression on it was made by a great variety of highly elegant bags, which many of the women present on the show fell in love with. Every purse and bag was not only a finishing element for every model in the collection, but a separate piece of art.
It is notable, that bags were the only place to see the Louis Vuitton logo throughout the whole collection. Fir and leather were dominating for most of the bags, featuring highly practical shapes combined supreme elegance.