Prada SS’16 collection: If Devil Wears Prada, This Devil Has A Good Taste

The Prada collection for S/S’10 season, presented at Milan Fashion Week featured two main motives, that only an amateur or a real master could combine.  The fashion designer Muiccia Prada has added beach and palm prints to the general clean urban style oh the new spring collection.

Most of the collection pieces were created in silver-gray and white color, and often it seemed like there were office clothes, hand-cut to go to the beach. Graphite satin jachets, shorts and skirts had some details that looked like a protest against dull official style.It is notable, that all the models that appeared on the podium had a baby-doll styled hare, though none of the collection pieces had anything to do with that.

Some of the Prada dresses in this collection were made of acrylic crystals, forming a sheer net, laid over white satin lining: these had a gorgeous look, and there is no doubt we will soon see some Hollywood stars wearing them.