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The Helmut Newton Effect

The Helmut Newton EffectAlong with some old standbys and new favorites, the looks from New York City’s Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Week ran the gamut. Lusting after this season’s runway hairstyles?
Some may refer to this as the 50 Shades of Grey trend. We are not those people. Instead, we are seeing this S&M-influenced look as being inspired by famed fashion photographer Helmut Newton’s iconic black-and-white photography, which always played on eroticism. Lubov Azria even referenced the photog in the show notes, citing him as the key inspiration of their collection.

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2013 Street Style

Milan showed its fashionable guests a week of extremes: Summer September sun gave way to rain and fall chill. Lavish holiday-inspired looks at Dolce & Gabbana shared the fashion stage with clean, pared-down design at Jil Sander. Street Style, too, felt a little polarized. On the one hand were ground-sweeping dresses, ladylike needlepoint sweaters, and the continued dominance of the floral print. On the other were sporty tees, Cara Delevingne’s sleek motorcycle helmet, plus jackets and boyish beanies. But in the end, it all came together to bring personality to the scene outside the shows. Next up—Paris!

Calvin Klein FW10 – In Love With Elegance

The Calvin Klein FW’10 collection featured only mono-color pieces in black, white, gray and few in blue colors. The best word to describe this Calvin Klein clothes collection is simplicity. Yes, there wasn’t a single piece to have more than one color, and the design of dresses, skirts, jackets and everything else was wonderfully clean.
To emphasize a plain, but elegant look, the models wore almost no makeover, what made them look like teenagers, and many of them were. So, Julia Steponaviciute is only 16 and attends school, though already has experience working for Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana.
And what we see again – are very high heels, which are definitely this year’s trend!

Spring’10 Shoes Collection: Top Designers, High Heels

Shoes are a very important part of a look, and if they match well, they can add points to your appearance, but if they do not, you can forget about making a good impression. This season’s shoe collections from different designers are remarkably similar (though not alike), so you can easily spot a fashion trend.

The general shape in favor this spring is a platform and/or high heels in all variations. So, we can see some classic touch form Lanvin, elegant vintage from Valentino, and even unbelievable experimental shape from Alexander McQueen. In fact, shoes from Alexander McQueen spring collection look like luxury ballet-shes on the heels, and they have caused many talks in the fashion world this year.


Vogue April 2010

Here is a peek-in into the Vogue US for April. The main idea of this month’s edition is make days be long, and nights be short. How can that be? Just take a look at the pictures, Vodue offers you wear long clothes for the day, but stick with mini at night, over and over through the whole month. Feel like playing this game? Karlie Kloss, a model, already has, and the photographer David Sims spotted her to, for Vogue of course!

Louis Vuitton New Collegtion: you’ll beg for these bags

The new collection presented by Louis Vuitton on March, 10th impresses with its highly feminine look and French touch. Long skirts with folds, leather and wool, tight waists – all these are the main elements of the new Fall/inter collection created by Marc Jacobs, a designer for Louis Vuitton. Many were surprised to see old France, after the extremely aggressive tribal motives in his S/S’10 collection, but this is the nature of Marc Jacobs.
Yes, the new collection is a real masterpiece, but it is remarkable that a great deal of impression on it was made by a great variety of highly elegant bags, which many of the women present on the show fell in love with. Every purse and bag was not only a finishing element for every model in the collection, but a separate piece of art.
It is notable, that bags were the only place to see the Louis Vuitton logo throughout the whole collection. Fir and leather were dominating for most of the bags, featuring highly practical shapes combined supreme elegance.

Valentino S/S’10 Collection: blooming in fantasy world

The Valentino Spring/Summer’10 collection is the third collection created by designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli for Valentino Fashion House.  Many critics agree, that the general look of this collection had nothing to do with the classic Valentino style, though elegance, each piece of collection was filled with, was quite enough to recognize the Valentino touch.
The main tune was played by pastel gray, silver and beige colors, featured with magenta and cyan notes from a fantasy world. Yes, there were many who recalled Avatar, when they saw Sharlotte Calipso - a 19 years old model from France, having her eyes and shoulders shadowed with light blue.
The main materials were silk and chiffon arranged in many folds and draperies, with hand-made flowers that could be seen throughout the whole collection.

Prada SS’10 collection: If Devil Wears Prada, This Devil Has A Good Taste

The Prada collection for S/S’10 season, presented at Milan Fashion Week featured two main motives, that only an amateur or a real master could combine.  The fashion designer Muiccia Prada has added beach and palm prints to the general clean urban style oh the new spring collection.

Most of the collection pieces were created in silver-gray and white color, and often it seemed like there were office clothes, hand-cut to go to the beach. Graphite satin jachets, shorts and skirts had some details that looked like a protest against dull official style.It is notable, that all the models that appeared on the podium had a baby-doll styled hare, though none of the collection pieces had anything to do with that.

Some of the Prada dresses in this collection were made of acrylic crystals, forming a sheer net, laid over white satin lining: these had a gorgeous look, and there is no doubt we will soon see some Hollywood stars wearing them.


Lanvin FW’10 Collection

The Lanvin FW’10 collection was one of “darkest” collections presented this year: black was the main color, and very few pieces of the collection were not black. Even more, all the models were wearing the same black wigs, though the hair stylist for Lanvin said that all the girls looked very different in it.
The general style was very urban and will greatly suit you if you are a business woman. Almost every piece of the Lanvin new collection was made of stretch silk and satin to make
clothes be comfortable to wear.

Chanel Autumn/Winter 2010/2011

The presentation of the new Chanel Autumn/Winter 2010/2011 collection on Fashion Week in Paris was a real performance: the models were walking around a huge iceberg, which was brought to the Grand Palais pavillion all the way from Scandinavia and shaped by 36 ice sculptors. Due to the decoration, the collection looked very authentic with its North-Pole and somewhat tribal motives.
Lots of white color, wool and synthetic fir dominating for most of the models contributed to a “frosty” impression.
Chanel also created a lookbook that where you can see the collection.